I need to poop while fishing, hunting, or hiking!
We get it. Most rural recreation areas don’t have bathrooms. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to poop in the woods … or near the river. Each person who does the right thing helps keep trails clean and the river open to fishing.

Who wants to lose a fishing opportunity? The Department of Fish and Wildlife could shut down fishing areas in Skagit County if bacteria levels get too high.

In just one day, a person can produce 1.9 billion fecal coliform bacteria. It takes only 400 bacteria to contaminate a cup of water. That means in 24 hours, one person can contaminate 4,750,000 cups of water. That’s a LOT of water.

Don’t drop your deuce.

If you care about the water and land that you enjoy for recreation, you need to properly dispose of your waste. Don’t just drop a deuce anywhere. If you’re planning your gear and route, you’ve got to plan for this, too. How much difference can one person make? It’s not just a drop in the ocean. When you do the right thing, you help keep the woods clean and fishing areas open.