My pet poops too!
Dogs, cats, horses, goats, sheep… If your pet poops outside, you’ve got to scoop it up.

In just one day, a dog can produce 5 billion fecal coliform bacteria. It takes only 400 bacteria to contaminate a cup of water. That means in 24 hours, one dog can contaminate 12,500,000 cups of water. That’s a LOT of water.

Dogs generate 5,471 pounds of poop in Skagit County every day. (Source: Skagit Conservation Education Alliance.)

Viruses, worm eggs and bacteria in poop can live as long as one year, depending on conditions.

Job #2: Scoop the poo

No joke. Picking up poop is NOT the best part of having a pet, but it’s in the job description. Otherwise, you’re risking a Revenge of the Turds situation that could harm the health of your pet, your kids, even the shellfish you have for dinner. When it rains, bacteria in pet poop travels very easily from backyards, parks, and trails to the nearest stream or storm drain. Healthy kids, pets, fish. It’s all connected.